Saturday, 16 May 2015

To be honest, i don't know whether i want to continue blogging.

i have been struggling (Horribly said bc i am enjoying life so much now) to think about something or anything to blog, this blog used to be a place where I express myself, but as time passes, i don't even have time to sit down and blog (I rather be eating lmao), simply because time is rushing so fast like a bullet-train like how i just had my common test on march, and boom, on the end of april i had my semestral exams( I am super kiasu fyi) i always start preparing for my exams 2 weeks before the start(constantly wonder why am i not in top 10, nah, just kidding,okay not really kidding,just a thought breh)

so i don't have time to blog or even to have a social life, not that i want a social life i still prefer to stay at home with like my bed, laptop, phone oh and food. what's more, it's free. lmao. but probably because i am always at home so i don't know what to blog or to be exact i don't have any thing to blog about.

so i don't know where will the direction of this blog will be, but  if i have something to blog, or am in the mood i will blog. So maybe wait for the post?


Monday, 15 December 2014

Taiwan Trip?

Let's be honest, i still have not updated or put my pictures into my macbook, i am just too lazy to actually do it, like ugh.

If i were to do it, it might spend me a good few hours to do it, like god... no, my bed will be screaming for me to roll around with my phone and pillow, those are practically my current life, and i have no plans to actually stop rolling around my bed and smell my "extremely smelly" pillow as claimed by my mom (It actually smells good, real good)

By now, i have already ejected my phone into my laptop, and start syncing them. Not too sure whether to start posting it on my blog now or to just use my phone before going to bed....

(After thinking for an eternity, i finally made up my mind) DrumRolls please
does the gif appears, or else, i will look pretty dumb...

                                                          S N E A K P E A K. . . . . 
We brought 3 luggage and 2 hand carry , having big, middle and small for those luggages. We are heading to taiwan, a country of really good food (And clothes, shoes blahblahblah)

I sat china airline btw, was generally praying for the best of luck and hope to not have any turbulence, i generally get airsickness pretty easily. And i was actually really insecure about the flight because of all those unfortunate things which happened on those planes.

Cancel the 'O' and it becomes ZNE1, the upper curve of the 'Z' curves a little, and it becomes '2', and finally becomes 2NE1, this feels so C7213(GZB) figure it out on your own he he he ;)

Shall end here, because rolling on the bed at night is generally one of the largest joy i have in life. Pyyong!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Naivety Or Just Grown-Up?

I think over the years our mind change as our enviroment or circumstances changed, those changes with the mind lead us to find out more, lose some, find out who really matters, and the list can go on forever.

It's funny how we look back and thought "What the hell was I doing last year?" or "Why the hell did i do that" that's sometimes embarrassing or sometimes with a tints of regretfulness in it. It is also funny how we can changed our mindset in probably months.

I was sorting out my Taiwan's picture and looked under my 2013 Australia file, and started have flashbacks of how i lead my life in 2013, it was horrible, just so ugh, horrible. Disgustingly horrible. 

I realise how much i didn't wanted to know 50% of the things i know today, and then realise that actually not knowing some things are actually meant for my own good, digging out the ugly truth isn't going to make me any happier. 

When we were young, our parents taught us stories with morals in it, e.g. the boy who cried wolf, or the one with the king finding his next inheirtor by boiling the been, those stories told me to be honest and blah blah blah. but the next thing i know that those morals that i have been taught when i was young slowly fade as I grow up.

To say that i have not seen the real world, is literally true and bullish*t at the same time. Why? I have seen enough,know enough for myself to say that,. At the same time, i have not step into the real dog-eat-dog world as claimed by my father.

we generally fight for a place in the better class, or a better position, better pay, better score, as per claimed, the list goes on. They don't really care whether you know it truthfully or you get there from somewhere else. We don't care how and why that particular thing happen, we only care about scoring well, pass with flying colors, getting higher pay etc etc.

To be really truthful, i don't know how and why did i started typing this post, i can only remember trying to sort out all my trip's picture, which were all unglamness and blah blah blah. 

Probably a sudden thought which leads to me thinking about it for generally 30 minutes or so, which ultimately leads to this pretty-messy post. 

I don't know, I'm probably cranky by 2;30am...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The question of the literal night is to actually blog now, with nonsensical stuffs because I woke up at 9am yesterday and the day before yesterday,the day before yesterday, because of my best burden friend who I wouldn't want to talk about now because she is gonna make me so damn pissed (again) and yesterday, because I-just-woke-up-suddenly. AND ON BOTH DAYS I SLEPT AT 3AM SOMEBODY HELPPPP. Back to where I was.
To blog now with nonsensical things through , or to blog tomorrow on a laptop  with pictures and stuff.

Literally got my answer, therefore good night. (This is nonsensical, imagine how will it turn out if I insist on writing everything now) 
Good night. 2tired4anythingotherthansleep
Zzzz...zzzzz let me dream of lee chaerin 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I had a really rough day today, and wouldn't want to talk about that crap, bc I make myself sure that this blog wouldn't be all so depressing again. 

So we had school today like weeeewww bc the only thing I did there was to actually eat, and share my food(my classmates be blessed to have me as classmate next year hohoho) and actually take photos with Komin the slut ( not cyber-bullying but expressing my love) 
I never knew I was this kawaii until today, distanced myself one desk behind KOMIN so that I can throw my left over 'mummy magi' at her and bc she was disturbing me and distracting me, you see, komin ain't that kind of ideal table partner or study partner. In general.

Komin must hate me so much bc she licks me like how Miley Cyrus licked the wrecking ball (God my pun is so old) Komin don't hate me:( 

I'm actually very very studious, when I distance myself from people like komin because they are literally the biggest burden in my entire life like god, they are the kids that made my EMMSH literally 65% /cringes/ and i constantly wondering why is komin my friend since the day( literal) I step into this school. 

We don't really have a decent selfie but well, decent enough.

So and then class dragged for a bit longer bc once again people like komin, nah kidding, the entire class was pretty in theirs own convo so well....

And class ended so I went to watsons, to get...
SO KAWAII. THE HAND SANITIZER SMELLS LIKE PEACH ASDFGHJKKL. I'm pretty much a spongebob fan since idk when, but pretty sure it's before the KPOP thing which got into me last year. Ps. CL slayed SIA yesterday. OHLALALA that lady is ready for America. But back to the spongebob thing, so yeah, I got that hand sanitizer and am pretty sure I'm going back to get the Patrick one, and the water bottle tomorrow. Hohoho. 

So Okay ending here, and starts creeping on Twitter and please do vote for 2NE1 and TAEYANG, and winnor and AKMU. (I know that 'and' 'and' 'and' thing is wrongly grammar but you know...)


Friday, 24 October 2014

(Official) Last day of school for 2014

So heyo!! 
It was the last day of school yesterday(official) why 'official' because as students in singapore, we are always expected to go back to school for cca, remidials, camp, blahblahblah, the list goes one.
Took quite a lot of picturessss, since some of the teachers are leaving the school, (secretly) the same reason. Oh and the principal is also leaving,(secretly the best one) 
Class photooooo, there are more but I didn't save them 
Legit a photo with the principal because she is leaving /cries/ this was taken at thΓ© foyer though, when the teacher jokingly screamed for all of us to go and photobomb /oops/

They all deserve the coolest award HOHOHO

Pretty much love the way this picture comes out most, 
Cries at lobe2's picture because after the entire 8-10 months together as a clique this was the first poloroid(if that's even the correct way to spell it) together, and it turns out like that /cries/ /cries even more/ but /stabs jeremy Bc he was the one taking the picture/
Komin the slut that's lesbian for me (I'm straight for GD and hanbin btw, actuall all boys, legit all. Calling Komin a slut Bc we know each other and legit is best friends, don't bullshit about me bullying her puhlease, she bullies me in fact) and obviously, I have a thing for twin star HOHOHO

And after school (actually, after all the photos and photos), Kaylene(mah homie nigga came over to my house for a baking section (thank the gods that we didn't burn down the house) Amber didn't manage to come along Bc she have cca :( 
My bro have sexy legs, but look at all the colors hooohooohoooo(Christmas is coming resulting in all my "HOHOHO")

No selfie Bc we turn out like shit, with the only picture we have, shall not embarass ourselves.
When you put 2 cannot-bake-will-burn-the-house kind of people out, they can give you good quality and yummy food. 

I'm so done with all the pictures and update because I spent 40++ minutes on this by the time I was on this sentence.

But my results are out, quite happy, made my class and subjects combi choice, probably will only be happy if I manage to get to the class of my desired.
Chances are high, but wouldn't want to rise too much of my expectations Bc with High expectations lead to high disappointment huh.
Will end off here because I'm legit tired. Good night, 
Pictures not in poloroid is taken by iphone6 which camera's quality needs to be better God. 


Sunday, 12 October 2014


So HIIIIII(extremely animated movements) do you miss me? after years without updating, I'm hoping that all of you would stay with me for the rest of the idk(blog-journey) if that makes sense.
But you probably saw that I hide/drafted all/most of my posts, generally bc I think I want to step out of being so fucked up and depressed and I think I made good improvement(?) of not being so depressed and shits like that, but lol, long way to go still, and I thought that by deleting/hiding/drafting those posts which I leave all/most of them as Angst kind of posts, and to lead a new life, you have to change shits first(doesn't make sense but okay Kayla)
So I've been leading this 6 months(?) without blogging rather fulfilling, like I prioritize things better, and leave all the pretty-much useless things on one side and focus on much important things(eg. Studying, it's STREAMING YEAR BUDDY) not that blogging is not important, in fact, it's quite not-so-important, after all I'm doing this only because it's my hobby, or I need a platform to express myself or stuff like that, and lmao, I don't mean to make myself sound really studious, but once again, it's streaming year.

And is completely all my studies and my exams are over (throw confetti!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ) I guess I can continue what I like to do, and it still remains even when I'm at my exam periods, lazing at my humble abode, god knows how much I love to stay at home!!1!1!1! But I still did play around like lmao, but that was really rare and even now, i don't even think I left the house for the city and stuff like that, so let's hope that my results will be great *prays prays prays that hard work pay off* I think the scariest thing is that you felt that you study but your results isn't there, sometimes what you sow might not be what you reap #justsaying 

So results out tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, 12 days more to my holidays(I have been waiting for it since the start of the year and it's finally happening, throw confetti once again) and then will head to adventure cove one day during the hols with the fetus(Kaylene I lobe you) to let down my hair(even though it's already down ever since I completed my Chinese paper3) but I feel that lmao, I want and need to get out of my room and do something more productive, or just absorb some heat!1!1!1!1 honestly i don't have any plans for my holiday except for an apparent 1-week trip to Taiwan( IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE NEW ZEALAND:( *crings bc I want all my beef and my sunny grass patch) but again, I can just stay at home and play the piano, use the iPad, update my iPhone, wait for my iPhone6, eat, play, and sleep, all in my room/home, reason we all should just stay at home, I don't get people who loves to stay out, like I love my pillow so much that sometimes heading to the washroom could be hard :(

Okay shall end here like lol, I have school tomorrow, and will be having my results back *prays again* nah kidding, actually I don't pray when I'm saying stuff like that or before the paper, bc I personally thinks it's worthless it's all about how much effort you put in right? (But sometimes you don't reap what you sow) 

So much love
I thought I would just show you my love to you guys, bc I love this lady lots too(actually loving her more than any of you kidding(actually it's real)) hope I summarize every shit for the MIA for the last 6 months. 

@kaycxn ❤️

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Because each time you do it all over again, I miss you. A lot.
I hoped find would turn back. We would never fought, I wouldn't started it. It was my fault. I miss you babe. Really I do...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Sum up my thoughts.

It's funny how people wanted me to stay the way I was a few years back. They failed to realize that everybody changes, changes with time, changes because of pain. Everybody change for a reason or another. Me too, I can't stay as that kid, who always please others, make others happy, even when I hated the thing they made me do. I need my own voice, everybody deserve theirs own voice and for them to sound out theirs opinion. Then why can't I? I'm merely a 13 going-to-be-14 year old teenage. No. everybody deserve to have theirs own voice and opinion, regardless of your age. 
I changed, yes, I got to admit that. But what and who made me change to the person I am now? I am happy with the person I'm being now, I believe that now, I speak my mind out freely, even if it hurts the people around me, but let's just say that truth hurts, and if it hurts, what I said was true. 
I changed over the years, because my maturity and mindset changes, my opinion on certain things will change as time goes by, and when I realize the in-depth of the story, that's also when my opinion change.
So don't expect me to stay the same way as I was when I was 10 or maybe even last year till now, things changes, mindset changes, attitude changes, everything changes. Changes are the only constant thing in life. If you don't adapt to the changes fast enough, there you go. You are doomed. 
I would like to believe that I am no long that people pleaser, I need to be happy myself, that sounded really selfish, but somebody told me, if I want to be happy, I need to be happy with who I am, but not go around and please people, because that way, I make people happy, but I'm not happy that way.

Today, I walked around before going home, there was a path, a path where you and I used to walk home together, we would stop at the busstop 3 stops away from my house, and walk together, walking towards each and every busstop we are suppose to drop at, I miss that shit, I walk that path with earpiece on, alone. It used to be me and you, without earpiece, hand-in-hand. I got myself that drink, I stop drinking ever since that incident happened, and you were no longer by my side, and took a sip, a sense of freedom, it tasted different, unlike the taste I used to taste, it tasted bitter, unlike previously which tasted sweet. I guess it's because I drank it alone... I missed you baby. But I like it that way, I wouldn't want it to be us fighting all over again, I rather see you from far, silently... 


Friday, 13 September 2013

Australia Day 3

 Okay.  I gotta admit this. As days goes by, I'm getting lazier and lazier, which also means more words less pictures :(
So on day 3, we went to Sea world. LALALAA.
Before I continue. I need to fangirl. Over.... Joog Kook GAHHHHHH. 
OMIGOD. Joog Kook tell me why are you so perfect?!!?!? Why are you so ASDFHKSGSJA cute. The only way for me to die in peace is only after I saw youuuu. Why are you so cute? So perfect. As in pearl-fact AWWWW GAHHHH.
Okay. Lets continue...
So when we arrived at Sea world, the spongebob show was starting! So lucky!
AYE CAPTAIN! I can't hear you~ AYECAPTAIN! Hahahaah.
Here comes Patrick. The star.
Mr crab~
Pretty is sandy. Sandy is pretty.
Spongebob. The star of the star.

Animal watching!

So after that spongebob show, we went to the penguin encounter. THEY ARE SO ASDFGHJKKL CUTE. 
Tell me he is photogenic. 
Guess what is that? THAT IS A POLARRRR.
Like cute only.
And obviously, there is the dolphin show! 
Amazingly amazing
Cute ah.
Swimming with the fishes. What can you see? (Lol)

There are more, but I'm just too lazy. Hahaha. Byebye. Last day sleeping here. Lol. 
Ps. Written on day 4.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Australia. Day 1

So I'm here at Australia after a 6 hours flight from s'pore. I came on Monday, which is yesterday to Gold Coast! 
Ps. There is a 2 hours differences; Australia is 2 hours faster than S'pore.
So I came yesterday, started my trip! 
Above: In the plane when everybody is sleeping. 
Above: the sea is ASDFGHKLAGSJAKALAA beautiful. BE-U-TI-FUL. I swear. 
This one OF the best part of the trip. OMG. So BE-U-TI-FUL

Beautiful. Amazing. 
Okay. So this is day 1. Will upload day 2 tomorrow. Cause I want to sleep. 
Bye bye. Wait for my next post about Australia dream-park tomorrow! Gonna be excitingggggg. 
Okay bye bye. Wanna sleep though it's kinda early for both side!

Australia Day 2.

So it's the second day in Australia, and I
still can't adapt to the coldness._.
And we went to Dream-park yesterday.
Like the Singapore universal studio, only that they have more rides in there 
Above: the First ride I took when I was there. 
And that was the claw, and it flies even higher than the top itself -.- and it goes one whole round. FAST. I swear nobody should ever take this if they are scare of fastness or height.
Above: this is one of the roller-coaster rides, not as scary as the previous one though. 
What's the title of this movie? 
That Melman reminds me of Kwangsoo(lol)
So everybody was waiting for the animals to spray water while they take picture, while I didn't expect it to spray water, it sprayed -.-

Like #yolo only.
It's a koala sleeping. OMIGOD.
Alex and what's the hippo name? What's the title of the movie?
It's kungfu fighting ya ya ya! Lol. 

About the end of yesterday. (Written on Wednesday.) 
Byebye. No wifi-.-" kill me.