Friday, 13 September 2013

Australia Day 3

 Okay.  I gotta admit this. As days goes by, I'm getting lazier and lazier, which also means more words less pictures :(
So on day 3, we went to Sea world. LALALAA.
Before I continue. I need to fangirl. Over.... Joog Kook GAHHHHHH. 
OMIGOD. Joog Kook tell me why are you so perfect?!!?!? Why are you so ASDFHKSGSJA cute. The only way for me to die in peace is only after I saw youuuu. Why are you so cute? So perfect. As in pearl-fact AWWWW GAHHHH.
Okay. Lets continue...
So when we arrived at Sea world, the spongebob show was starting! So lucky!
AYE CAPTAIN! I can't hear you~ AYECAPTAIN! Hahahaah.
Here comes Patrick. The star.
Mr crab~
Pretty is sandy. Sandy is pretty.
Spongebob. The star of the star.

Animal watching!

So after that spongebob show, we went to the penguin encounter. THEY ARE SO ASDFGHJKKL CUTE. 
Tell me he is photogenic. 
Guess what is that? THAT IS A POLARRRR.
Like cute only.
And obviously, there is the dolphin show! 
Amazingly amazing
Cute ah.
Swimming with the fishes. What can you see? (Lol)

There are more, but I'm just too lazy. Hahaha. Byebye. Last day sleeping here. Lol. 
Ps. Written on day 4.

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