Sunday, 12 October 2014


So HIIIIII(extremely animated movements) do you miss me? after years without updating, I'm hoping that all of you would stay with me for the rest of the idk(blog-journey) if that makes sense.
But you probably saw that I hide/drafted all/most of my posts, generally bc I think I want to step out of being so fucked up and depressed and I think I made good improvement(?) of not being so depressed and shits like that, but lol, long way to go still, and I thought that by deleting/hiding/drafting those posts which I leave all/most of them as Angst kind of posts, and to lead a new life, you have to change shits first(doesn't make sense but okay Kayla)
So I've been leading this 6 months(?) without blogging rather fulfilling, like I prioritize things better, and leave all the pretty-much useless things on one side and focus on much important things(eg. Studying, it's STREAMING YEAR BUDDY) not that blogging is not important, in fact, it's quite not-so-important, after all I'm doing this only because it's my hobby, or I need a platform to express myself or stuff like that, and lmao, I don't mean to make myself sound really studious, but once again, it's streaming year.

And is completely all my studies and my exams are over (throw confetti!!!🎉🎉🎊🎊) I guess I can continue what I like to do, and it still remains even when I'm at my exam periods, lazing at my humble abode, god knows how much I love to stay at home!!1!1!1! But I still did play around like lmao, but that was really rare and even now, i don't even think I left the house for the city and stuff like that, so let's hope that my results will be great *prays prays prays that hard work pay off* I think the scariest thing is that you felt that you study but your results isn't there, sometimes what you sow might not be what you reap #justsaying 

So results out tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, 12 days more to my holidays(I have been waiting for it since the start of the year and it's finally happening, throw confetti once again) and then will head to adventure cove one day during the hols with the fetus(Kaylene I lobe you) to let down my hair(even though it's already down ever since I completed my Chinese paper3) but I feel that lmao, I want and need to get out of my room and do something more productive, or just absorb some heat!1!1!1!1 honestly i don't have any plans for my holiday except for an apparent 1-week trip to Taiwan( IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE NEW ZEALAND:( *crings bc I want all my beef and my sunny grass patch) but again, I can just stay at home and play the piano, use the iPad, update my iPhone, wait for my iPhone6, eat, play, and sleep, all in my room/home, reason we all should just stay at home, I don't get people who loves to stay out, like I love my pillow so much that sometimes heading to the washroom could be hard :(

Okay shall end here like lol, I have school tomorrow, and will be having my results back *prays again* nah kidding, actually I don't pray when I'm saying stuff like that or before the paper, bc I personally thinks it's worthless it's all about how much effort you put in right? (But sometimes you don't reap what you sow) 

So much love
I thought I would just show you my love to you guys, bc I love this lady lots too(actually loving her more than any of you kidding(actually it's real)) hope I summarize every shit for the MIA for the last 6 months. 

@kaycxn ❤️

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