Friday, 24 October 2014

(Official) Last day of school for 2014

So heyo!! 
It was the last day of school yesterday(official) why 'official' because as students in singapore, we are always expected to go back to school for cca, remidials, camp, blahblahblah, the list goes one.
Took quite a lot of picturessss, since some of the teachers are leaving the school, (secretly) the same reason. Oh and the principal is also leaving,(secretly the best one) 
Class photooooo, there are more but I didn't save them 
Legit a photo with the principal because she is leaving /cries/ this was taken at thé foyer though, when the teacher jokingly screamed for all of us to go and photobomb /oops/

They all deserve the coolest award HOHOHO

Pretty much love the way this picture comes out most, 
Cries at lobe2's picture because after the entire 8-10 months together as a clique this was the first poloroid(if that's even the correct way to spell it) together, and it turns out like that /cries/ /cries even more/ but /stabs jeremy Bc he was the one taking the picture/
Komin the slut that's lesbian for me (I'm straight for GD and hanbin btw, actuall all boys, legit all. Calling Komin a slut Bc we know each other and legit is best friends, don't bullshit about me bullying her puhlease, she bullies me in fact) and obviously, I have a thing for twin star HOHOHO

And after school (actually, after all the photos and photos), Kaylene(mah homie nigga came over to my house for a baking section (thank the gods that we didn't burn down the house) Amber didn't manage to come along Bc she have cca :( 
My bro have sexy legs, but look at all the colors hooohooohoooo(Christmas is coming resulting in all my "HOHOHO")

No selfie Bc we turn out like shit, with the only picture we have, shall not embarass ourselves.
When you put 2 cannot-bake-will-burn-the-house kind of people out, they can give you good quality and yummy food. 

I'm so done with all the pictures and update because I spent 40++ minutes on this by the time I was on this sentence.

But my results are out, quite happy, made my class and subjects combi choice, probably will only be happy if I manage to get to the class of my desired.
Chances are high, but wouldn't want to rise too much of my expectations Bc with High expectations lead to high disappointment huh.
Will end off here because I'm legit tired. Good night, 
Pictures not in poloroid is taken by iphone6 which camera's quality needs to be better God. 


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