Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I had a really rough day today, and wouldn't want to talk about that crap, bc I make myself sure that this blog wouldn't be all so depressing again. 

So we had school today like weeeewww bc the only thing I did there was to actually eat, and share my food(my classmates be blessed to have me as classmate next year hohoho) and actually take photos with Komin the slut ( not cyber-bullying but expressing my love) 
I never knew I was this kawaii until today, distanced myself one desk behind KOMIN so that I can throw my left over 'mummy magi' at her and bc she was disturbing me and distracting me, you see, komin ain't that kind of ideal table partner or study partner. In general.

Komin must hate me so much bc she licks me like how Miley Cyrus licked the wrecking ball (God my pun is so old) Komin don't hate me:( 

I'm actually very very studious, when I distance myself from people like komin because they are literally the biggest burden in my entire life like god, they are the kids that made my EMMSH literally 65% /cringes/ and i constantly wondering why is komin my friend since the day( literal) I step into this school. 

We don't really have a decent selfie but well, decent enough.

So and then class dragged for a bit longer bc once again people like komin, nah kidding, the entire class was pretty in theirs own convo so well....

And class ended so I went to watsons, to get...
SO KAWAII. THE HAND SANITIZER SMELLS LIKE PEACH ASDFGHJKKL. I'm pretty much a spongebob fan since idk when, but pretty sure it's before the KPOP thing which got into me last year. Ps. CL slayed SIA yesterday. OHLALALA that lady is ready for America. But back to the spongebob thing, so yeah, I got that hand sanitizer and am pretty sure I'm going back to get the Patrick one, and the water bottle tomorrow. Hohoho. 

So Okay ending here, and starts creeping on Twitter and please do vote for 2NE1 and TAEYANG, and winnor and AKMU. (I know that 'and' 'and' 'and' thing is wrongly grammar but you know...)


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