Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The question of the literal night is to actually blog now, with nonsensical stuffs because I woke up at 9am yesterday and the day before yesterday,the day before yesterday, because of my best burden friend who I wouldn't want to talk about now because she is gonna make me so damn pissed (again) and yesterday, because I-just-woke-up-suddenly. AND ON BOTH DAYS I SLEPT AT 3AM SOMEBODY HELPPPP. Back to where I was.
To blog now with nonsensical things through , or to blog tomorrow on a laptop  with pictures and stuff.

Literally got my answer, therefore good night. (This is nonsensical, imagine how will it turn out if I insist on writing everything now) 
Good night. 2tired4anythingotherthansleep
Zzzz...zzzzz let me dream of lee chaerin 

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