Monday, 15 December 2014

Taiwan Trip?

Let's be honest, i still have not updated or put my pictures into my macbook, i am just too lazy to actually do it, like ugh.

If i were to do it, it might spend me a good few hours to do it, like god... no, my bed will be screaming for me to roll around with my phone and pillow, those are practically my current life, and i have no plans to actually stop rolling around my bed and smell my "extremely smelly" pillow as claimed by my mom (It actually smells good, real good)

By now, i have already ejected my phone into my laptop, and start syncing them. Not too sure whether to start posting it on my blog now or to just use my phone before going to bed....

(After thinking for an eternity, i finally made up my mind) DrumRolls please
does the gif appears, or else, i will look pretty dumb...

                                                          S N E A K P E A K. . . . . 
We brought 3 luggage and 2 hand carry , having big, middle and small for those luggages. We are heading to taiwan, a country of really good food (And clothes, shoes blahblahblah)

I sat china airline btw, was generally praying for the best of luck and hope to not have any turbulence, i generally get airsickness pretty easily. And i was actually really insecure about the flight because of all those unfortunate things which happened on those planes.

Cancel the 'O' and it becomes ZNE1, the upper curve of the 'Z' curves a little, and it becomes '2', and finally becomes 2NE1, this feels so C7213(GZB) figure it out on your own he he he ;)

Shall end here, because rolling on the bed at night is generally one of the largest joy i have in life. Pyyong!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Naivety Or Just Grown-Up?

I think over the years our mind change as our enviroment or circumstances changed, those changes with the mind lead us to find out more, lose some, find out who really matters, and the list can go on forever.

It's funny how we look back and thought "What the hell was I doing last year?" or "Why the hell did i do that" that's sometimes embarrassing or sometimes with a tints of regretfulness in it. It is also funny how we can changed our mindset in probably months.

I was sorting out my Taiwan's picture and looked under my 2013 Australia file, and started have flashbacks of how i lead my life in 2013, it was horrible, just so ugh, horrible. Disgustingly horrible. 

I realise how much i didn't wanted to know 50% of the things i know today, and then realise that actually not knowing some things are actually meant for my own good, digging out the ugly truth isn't going to make me any happier. 

When we were young, our parents taught us stories with morals in it, e.g. the boy who cried wolf, or the one with the king finding his next inheirtor by boiling the been, those stories told me to be honest and blah blah blah. but the next thing i know that those morals that i have been taught when i was young slowly fade as I grow up.

To say that i have not seen the real world, is literally true and bullish*t at the same time. Why? I have seen enough,know enough for myself to say that,. At the same time, i have not step into the real dog-eat-dog world as claimed by my father.

we generally fight for a place in the better class, or a better position, better pay, better score, as per claimed, the list goes on. They don't really care whether you know it truthfully or you get there from somewhere else. We don't care how and why that particular thing happen, we only care about scoring well, pass with flying colors, getting higher pay etc etc.

To be really truthful, i don't know how and why did i started typing this post, i can only remember trying to sort out all my trip's picture, which were all unglamness and blah blah blah. 

Probably a sudden thought which leads to me thinking about it for generally 30 minutes or so, which ultimately leads to this pretty-messy post. 

I don't know, I'm probably cranky by 2;30am...