Saturday, 16 May 2015

To be honest, i don't know whether i want to continue blogging.

i have been struggling (Horribly said bc i am enjoying life so much now) to think about something or anything to blog, this blog used to be a place where I express myself, but as time passes, i don't even have time to sit down and blog (I rather be eating lmao), simply because time is rushing so fast like a bullet-train like how i just had my common test on march, and boom, on the end of april i had my semestral exams( I am super kiasu fyi) i always start preparing for my exams 2 weeks before the start(constantly wonder why am i not in top 10, nah, just kidding,okay not really kidding,just a thought breh)

so i don't have time to blog or even to have a social life, not that i want a social life i still prefer to stay at home with like my bed, laptop, phone oh and food. what's more, it's free. lmao. but probably because i am always at home so i don't know what to blog or to be exact i don't have any thing to blog about.

so i don't know where will the direction of this blog will be, but  if i have something to blog, or am in the mood i will blog. So maybe wait for the post?


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